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Our Competitive Advantages

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Our Competitive Advantages


The link will offer very high transmission capacities based on its ready-to-use fiber network; 1,142 Km of the fiber network is available to serve you, connect you to the world through the


Sudachad guarantees the best service availability ever in the country. Its highly experienced, reliable technical team will support you in operation and maintenance, planning design


Sudachad offers a high quality of service (QoS) to its customers locally and globally. The QoS can be examined in latency, packet losses, jitter levels, and BER service delivery. You will

Connection Types

Sudachad offers different connection types compatible with your existing network. P2P, P2MP MP2MP, Ethernet, SDH interfaces are different types of connectivity to customers. Each type is


Sudachad is very keen on network security due to the high-security levels of our fiber network. Our physical and virtual security measures are bound to higher availability of services and


Sudachad offers competitive prices to you. Sudachad will be your partner; it supports you to offer your end users, in turn, affordable prices combined with the high level of customer sat