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CEO Massage

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CEO Message

In a move that will enhance the expansion of communication and information technology services in Chad, Sudachad started its path of managing the country's fiber line, focusing on the quality of service that obliged customers to come under the umbrella of its service coverage.

We build our route to go beyond the regular connectivity of telecom companies to touch the community's needs in easy-to-use technology and far-reaching the indirect beneficiaries in our scope of work. Building a name in the highly competitive world is more or less the same as providing services of particular needs to our communities and develop and maintain the values in these communities for natural evolution in the well-being and atmosphere.

Chad is a landlocked country heavily affected by poor communication access. Satellite media providers are willing to provide services besides the neighboring countries, which find it a good business opportunity. Sudachad strived hard to immune fully protected internet services to the country from Sudan and Cameroon.

Chad intends to be the sole terrestrial hub for internet services to Africa by linking the ocean in the west to the Red Sea in the east. Our unique geographical location put us as the articulation facet of the human vertebrate column, where our existence completes the connectivity circuit.

Being a recognized player in the region for building the interconnectivity in the continent, cooperating with real partners in the region necessitates our sound understanding of our mission at this critical time of continent involvement in this ambitious phases of linking (Mama Africa) to one another and the other continents. Serving unity in diversity through linking communities in Africa and linking west to east and center to the north.

Our role is to establish SudaChad to link west to east and central Africa to the northern Mediterranean.


General Manager